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Cherishing Life
There once was a man, who told me,

The World can be seen in many ways,

He guided me out of my doorstep,

To taste the fresh dawn of day,

He said to me,

"Look beyond the shadows,

The Dark Times that are ahead,

Look at the world you live in,

There is nothing not to cherish from living to dead,

Look at the ones, who hold you close,

The promises they have made,

Look at the Warm Hearts that surround you,

The blooming buds and the springs and Ponds to wade,

The kindness of others to blossom,

The trees that stands so tall,

Will you my friend protect them?

Or let the world only fall?

You are a small little seedling,

Only a tiny and living sprout,

But let your true colors blossom,

And Believe without a doubt."

I looked at him in his shining eyes,

His twinkled little grin,

As he said to me,

"Friend keep in mind,

To Love the World you live in."
This Poem's Meaning is to Learn to Love Life and the World. I Have thought from time to time about how grateful I should be about my life. The Family I have, The Friends that are their for me, The Lucky Person I am today. I know that their are people who lived a harder life than I have but there are always those others out there who are always here to lend support. Even if some of those people you have loved have passed on their always with us even when we don't seem they are. I really enjoyed making this one because I dedicate this Poem (Even if it's only a Small Poem) to those who care about me. And to inspire those to Live their Life and Love the Earth we live on.

Written by Me (PandaChick0508)

Poem 4# in my Poetry Collection

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Preview Image is NOT mine found here:[link]
liddochaos Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2012
wow this picture is truly beautfil.
PandaChick0508 Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Actually it's not mine only the poem. The picture is credited in the Description if you want a lin. ;)
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