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Chapter 15-The Empty Heart

Your POV

You spun around.

"S-Spain?" You asked.

"That's right chica." He smiled leaning in close. "Me." He grabbed you by the waist as France your wrists in a rope tieing it tight enough that it burned your wrists.

"You let me go!" You screamed at the top of your lungs.

Spain let out a laugh of amusement. "I don't think so." He grinned kissing your forehead. You reddened as his crew laughed.

You couldn't do anything.

You couldn't fight.

You couldn't save yourself.


Arthur's POV

I woke up in the middle of the night with someone shaking me awake.

"Britain. Where's _________?"

I shook my head groggily.

"__________?" I blinked my eyes as I realized it was my sister London.

She had become quite close to _______ and I wondered where she was.

"Igg's c'mon." Her eyes widened as she heard a gunshot from outside. "I think she's in trouble. She missing." She unsheathed her sword as I did with mine.

My blood was running cold.



"Damn that France!" Cursed under my breath.

I was so careless.

I didn't do anything to even save her.

More gunshots could be heard on the top floor and shouts for the Captain up there.

I was Captain.

What the bloody hell was going on on my ship?

I stormed outside the door as I watched my crew fighting off soldiers from left in right.

The Imperial Crest of the Palace.

But that meant...

these were the Emperor's men.

Your POV

It was a whole  hour that passed completely.

You were bound and tired as Spain carelessly brought you to a room inside the bar. You were put in a chair and locked in a room.

You felt a tear welling up in the corner of your eye?

You were dead worried.

"Arthur..." You whispered softly.

"Oh I'm sorry for yelling at you. I'm so sorry..." You sobbed.

This was perfect.

Being captured by that damn Spainiard and betrayed by that Frog France.

You were hopeless.

You sat their your wrists etching in pain.

Alone in the dark not only the moon to comfort you.

But sadly, the moon wasn't doing any good.

You waited their for moments...when suddenly you heard a voice.



You felt cold.


What was he doing here?

"________? Oh my it's really you-aru!" He ran to you and embraced him in his arms.

"Your finally back." He sobbed into your shoulder removing your bonds. "I thought he would have killed you-aru!"

Your eyes widened. "No I'm fine. Who did you think would kill me?"

"That damn Britain-aru." China replied his expression darkening.

"What do you mean?" Your eyes widened even more. "Arthur would never do that!" You cried even louder.

"Oh it's Arthur now is it-aru." China turned away. "That Heroic Spainiard told me everything......and I'll never let go of you again ________."

You looked at him with worry.

This wasn't your kind and loving brother....

he looked...


"No Yao! You got it all wrong!" You screamed as his fists were trembling. "You shouldn't trust that Spainiard he-"

Suddenly, you felt a hard slap across your face.

It burned through your cheek like fire.

"No _______! He was only USING you! He was KIDNAPPING you! How could you not see it-aru! He did this to you!" His eyes burned with rage. "You have to understand! Y-you have to! I thought you were DEAD! I thought I had broke my promise with Mother and Father and I won't ever again let you go! Do you hear me! You don't understand what his real plans were!"

You stared at him in shock.

"W-What do you mean?" You stuttered. "Your lieing."

China's whole body shook as he grabbed your wrist.

"No ________. I will show you."


Arthur's POV

"________!" I cried thrashing in my captors arms. "Un-hand me you bloody wankers!" I cried as they pushed me down in the dark room as I fell to my knees in burning agony.

I was beaten and whipped.

My worst condition possible.

And it was the Tenth day.

My curse.

"Shut up Britain." A cold voice sneered at me as a figure stepped out into the light from the shadows. "I won."


"You let ________ go! She doesn't deserve a bloke like you!"

He rolled his head back as another figure stepped in.

He was an asian man. Long brownish black hair. And a crazed look in his eye.

Yet...he seemed oddly familiar.

"What did you do to her-aru!" He cried staring me in the eyes.

I stood perfectly still.

"__________? Who are you you bloody Wanker."

Antonio laughed even harder whispering into my ear.

"That's not how you should treat his Royal highness Britain. Especially if this is the Chica's brother"

I froze even more.



That was a lie.

This wasn't ______ brother.

________'s last name was Lee. Not Wang.

She couldn't have been lieing.

She couldn't.

I laughed to myself. "That's not true you liars. Your not _________'s brother."

Suddenly, Yao grabbed my collar and held his pistol to my head.

"You dare disgrace my family's name and my sister you a**-aru!" He cried furiously his eyes shrouded in pure anger.

He threw me to the side slamming me into the ground. I groaned.

"You were the one using her! You were the one toying with her fragile heart you idiot!" He slammed into me again.

"W-what do you mean." I stuttered. "I would never hurt her!"

"Oh please-aru." He groaned kicking into my stomach. My heart aching like crazy. "I know all about you. Your a cursed man Britain. All you needed was her to love you so you could be free of you damn curse. Then you would have left her to die." He kicked me into the wall.

"I-I would never..." I moaned.

"oh don't be stupid Britain." He only hissed at me. "I know you would do that you pirate. Your a monster and nothing more. Only my sister could possibly free you. YOU WERE USING HER." He slammed into me for the last time as I felt my chest wrench in pain.


" that.....true?"

I gazed up from my spot on the floor.


He had said it all in front of her.

She looked at me with her saddened (e/c) eyes, tears streaming down her cheeks.

"No..." I repeated. "No. ________ it's not true!"

She turned to me. "You really are a monster."

"No it's not like that __________! Please let me explain!"

"You never loved me..." She turned away. "Was I nothing but a tool to you?"

I stared at her with saddened eyes.

"You never told me you were the princess of China!" I shouted back at her. "Please _________ I have to talk to you!"

She was trembling like mad.

I was a monster.

I guess I truly was.

"Was all of this a joke to you BRITAIN? Was all of this just one of your pirate illusions!?! Was all of this not even real!?! You never even spoke about that Curse and that Rose to me! Did...did you even trust me!?!" She shouted at me with anger and choking sadness in her voice.


"I thought I did love you! But you were only using me!"

"_________ please..."

That's when she turned and left in me in the shadows of the room.

I looked down onto my knees.

I deserved to die.

I...I loved her.

And then...I had lost it all.

And I knew it too.

Because when I was left alone in the room beat and hanging onto my life...

I knew that my spot at the Hangman's Noose was soon to come.

And the legacy of The Great Kirkland...

Only to die with my empty heart.
Whoa.....I can't believe it.

I'm even feeling sad myself.


*Sob sob sob sob sob*

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