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November 18, 2012
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Chapter 19-He Came

Arthur's POV

The bells rang eerily in my ears.

My own brother...


Wales stood by him as Scotland and the twins were in fits of unimaginable fury.

Prussia had done this.

He had set us free.

But setting us free...

he let out monsters.

I watched in utter horror. Not even noticing the rowdy crowd around me. Dropping my cutlass onto the floor and kneeling as if I had just lost a piece of my own heart.

"I-Is he really..."

Wales turned his head. Tears in his eyes as he finally took his gaze away from my little dead brother. He was pale and as cold as ice. And slowly...very slowly...

he nodded his head.

My heart shattered suddenly like pieces of a broken vase.

He was....dead.

I felt myself trembling. As hard as it could. I was shaking as I heard Scotland's furious screams echo through the open lane as he angrily flipped a crewman over his right shoulder. Tears were crying through his eyes like no tomorrow.

I wanted to kill them all.

I wanted to see them all dead.

Every last one.

My curse was emerging.

It was trying hard to break through my soul.

But then....I felt a hand on my shoulder.

"Arthur." I turned my head. Wales was there. With solemn eyes as handed me my cutlass. He gazed at me strongly.

"Fulfill Peter's wishes. Do it. For all of us. For _________."

I looked at him.

His words were geniune.

For _________.

I wouldn't allow her to be married to that damn Antonio.

For _________.


Your POV

It was time.

The 13th day...

and it was time.

"Arthur..." You said softly as you ran your fingers around your long angelic lace.

You still had that sword hidden in it.

But you couldn't use it in a Cathedral.

Especially with Yao's guards surrounding it.

It was time.

You felt the grasp of Yao's hand as he clutched it tight as you stood before the glistening marble building.

You wanted to cry.

You wanted to see Arthur for the last time.

For heaven's name he could be dead right now.

He was dead.

You shuddered at the thought tears in you eyes.

But Yao looked at you.

"_________ please don't cry-aru." He said sadly. "This is for your own good-aru."

You only felt yourself tremble even more.

Your own good.

Yeah right.

Suddenly, the bells chimed once more.

Echoing through the small empty town. You felt the lace on you hair cover your eyes.

You loved your brother....

but he wasn't understanding you at the moment.

He was too blinded by rage.

"Please Yao you must listen..." You tried once more. But the doors suddenly opened. And the shining Cathedral was shone.


It really was magnificent.

The stained glass windows reminded you of a fairy tale. And the music sounded like angels as the pews glistened like newly polished wood.

The people in the crowd stood.

Everyone was aimed at you.

You never really considered the thought of being wedded....but you wanted it to be more than this.

Each step you took you felt yourself shiver.

You saw each face.

There stood your cousins too.

Hong Kong. Taiwan. The Koreas. Vietnam and...


You trusted all of them.

Yet they were standing there as if they didn't mind she was being wed to a monster...

or did they?

Yao walked you down the aisle.

You looked up only to see that Spain grinning at you.

Like he had won.

But he hadn't.

Or had he?

You wanted to scream and run....

but you couldn't.

You just couldn't.

Your dress fluttered with each step you took. Graceful. Poise. You did admiringly look beautiful. Your hair was (Bun, Down, Wavy, Curly) and your eyes shown underneath the light lace.

"Arthur..." You whispered sadly. You turned to take another glance as you cousins who began to sit down. Taiwan in a short Pink Lotus Dress. Hong Kong in a stunning red suit. The Koreas in matching beigish-white, and Japan in a pure white tuxedo. He seemed to smile. But you could see his anger and sadness well in the corner of his eyes. Your Bride ladies, Mexico and London, stood their with small smiles. They knew what they had to do. But they were trapped as well.

Just like you.

The Pastor began to speak.

"Today we are gathered here to witness Holy Matrimony between Antonio Fernandes Carriedo and _________ Wang....."

You felt as each word he spoke.

You were closer to your own terrible confinement.

Nobody could help you.

Arthur at the horrid empty gallows. Yao not letting you out of his sight once again. 50 Guards and Crewman littering the streets outside.

You were trapped in hell....

with Antonio grinning at you.

Like he was the damn devil king.

Your heart pumped with fear.

It was almost here.

You saw little Romano. Spain's adopted brother walking towards you with the rings in his little ring bearer pillow.

His hair was tucked back neatly and he wore a brightly red blushing face in his own midnight black tuxedo.

The rings shined and glinted.

But they weren't meant for you.

They couldn't be.

But they were.

Because you were trapped here while your own Arthur Kirkland was dead hanging at the gallows.

Suddenly, the Pastor snapped your head back into reality.

"Do you, Antonio Fernandes Carriedo....take _________ Wang to be your lawfully wedded wife?"

You felt your blood run cold.

He smirked at you.

A devilish glint in those green eyes of his.

Not like Arthur's.

With his enormously bushy eyebrows and the warmth of a true gentleman.

"I do." He replied with a great deal of arrogance.

Suddenly, the old priest turned to you.

"Do you, ___________ Wang. Take Antonio Fernandes Carriedo as your lawfully wedded husband?"

At first you froze there.

You couldn't.

You couldn't.

He stared at you with a hardened glance.

You couldn't.

You just-


The doors opened as a shout rang through the once "pleasant" Cathedral.


There stood a man. Dirty blond hair and glinting green eyes. Like the depths of the blue-green sea.

He was battered and bruised. Bleeding all over his sailor's vest. Urging himself to stand.

And you could distinctively pick out those ginormous eyebrows on his forehead.

He was here.

He wasn't dead.

He came back for you.

He came.

Thank you everyone who's reading this.


And please don't yell at me for my sudden absence.


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